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Jazz transports people to another level. Players and audience members alike experience unrivaled musicianship and technique that makes jazz performance unlike any other music genre. If you perform jazz live, then you know that there’s nothing quite like the effect of the smooth, sultry tones or upbeat, frenzied notes that come from a guitar or brass instrument in the thrust of a good performance. How do jazz musicians make it all look so effortless? Like all artists, jazz musicians hone their techniques over years of intensive study. While born with a special gift, jazz artists must craft their inherent abilities with hours of practice. If you play a jazz instrument, then you know that this is true. The right teacher makes all the difference.  It is time to find the advanced jazz guitar lesson that fits your level.

Master Classes

Before the Internet, musicians learned via one-on-one sessions with masters in the art. Unlike other subjects, music must be experienced to learn it well, and jazz masters trained the next generations of musicians simply by performing their lessons live and in person. Now, thanks to technology and the availability of Internet connections virtually everywhere, you can benefit from these masters without ever actually meeting them. Mike’s Master Classes provides you with everything you need to learn from the masters.

The Importance of a Master

Learning jazz techniques requires studying the masters or those who have perfected styles and sounds over a lifetime of musicianship. Like other art forms, jazz cannot be taught with a textbook. You might be able to learn new chords or read music, but jazz demands a teacher to show you the ropes. The right teachers can shape your inherent ability into something truly great. They know from experience how to get the most from your instrument and how rhythm and tempo, when played in the right style, can move an audience to laughter or tears. Masters learn through trial and error, and you can benefit from their experiences by picking up where they leave off.

The Masters Themselves

Steve Herberman, Jamie Taylor, Roni Ben-Hur, Sheryl Bailey and other big names in the current jazz scene have come together to perform their music and their techniques for the benefit of those willing to learn. These advanced masters of the art were recorded over the last few years providing lessons ranging from improvisation to modern comping and theory. While the live sessions on Mike’s Master Classes were discontinued in 2009, these masters still record live sessions to provide you with a range of videos to enhance your abilities.

Mike’s Master Classes allows you to access hundreds of recorded sessions with jazz artists from around the world. The right teacher plays an integral role in shaping the next generation of artists. Enhance your skills by investing in these incredible videos. Jazz must be learned by experience, and there’s no better way to experience master artists at work than by listening to and watching their technique performed live. These advanced jazz classes will help you become a master yourself, further training future generations in the art of jazz music.

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  1. hi,

    How are you? I just recorded a new CD – I’d like to send you a copy.

    Hope all is well!


  2. I am a flamenco guitar player wanting to build a strong grasp of theory and improvisation. Please contact me asap. Thanks

  3. how can i download your guiter lesson and your ebook through my phone i need your direction on how to do that i have been trying to do that but know how to go about it.

    • At this time, downloading to the iPhone would require a few steps.

      1) download the mac version of the class to your computer
      2) add the downloaded class to your iTunes
      3) transfer the class to your iPhone by syncing

      The pdf files are more difficult as most phones do not inherently have a pdf reader. I suggest printing them out from a separate computer and then taking the printed documents wherever you enjoy practicing and studying the lesson.

  4. I love to learn Jazz guitar; Comping, Jazz Blues, Arpegio, Walking Bass and e.t.c…


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